Soum Jena aka Odia Toka: Successful Entrepreneur and YouTuber

“Is it possible to be a YouTuber, self-taught photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur while hailing from a small state like Odisha?”

There is one!

We now watch about 5 billion videos per day on YouTube, totaling over 1 billion hours of content. This is greater than the combined value of Netflix and Facebook. To sell their products, brands are turning to influencers such as YouTubers and one of them is Soum Jena: aka Odia Toka. The fact that their audience is growing is what makes them so popular and influential.

Soumendra Jena is an Indian social media celebrity who is very popular among today’s youth. He is one of India’s most prominent influencers, with around 20102 followers. Soum Jena was born in Odisha on September 25, 1987.

Odia Toka became the CEO and Founder of JetSpot, QubeSys, Photozone, JetCloud, and SBK Store due to his passion for coding, filming, riding motorcycles, cars, and traveling through technology and gadgets. His businesses handle everything from IT to enterprise data to cloud web hosting to media production.

Soum Jena: Family and sources of Inspiration

His wife’s name is Amrita Das, and his son’s name is Ritch Jena. Amrita Das is a YouTuber with over 30,000 followers. She is a professional artist and full-time YouTuber covering blogs about Odia’s life and entrepreneurship.

As said, Soam Jena felt nature as his inspiration and wanted to explore. As nature exploring needs to gather side information like how to travel, he started diving into bikes. Since many people love to travel but lack the necessary information required for travelling, Soam Jena began to share his travel experiences, and the rest is history!

Soum Jena’s companies

1. JetSpot

JetSpot Networks began in a small office in Bhubaneswar in 2015, intending to connect everyone to a very stable and high-speed wireless internet connection. Moreover, it now operates out of a massive facility owned by JetCloud Datacenter, a JetSpot Networks affiliate.

Generally, Jetspot Networks is a Wi-Fi service provider whose goal is to deliver good public internet connectivity to millions of individuals who use the internet for leisure or business. Unlike that, it offers simple to use, ultra-fast, and always-available broadband connection regardless of location. Henceforth, Jetspot Networks’ goal is for everyone to connect to the internet at ultrafast speeds and at affordable costs from anywhere and at any time. However, they are dedicated to working with companies to provide their clients with the high-quality Wi-Fi broadband internet services they desire.

2. QubeSys

QubeSys Technologies is a global IT solutions provider that offers software, Web, and IT solutions to small, medium, and large businesses on a local and international level.

It offers complete software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application, and portal development services. Unlike that, QubeSys provides progressive end-to-end online solutions by combining substantial business domain experience, technical skills, a thorough understanding of the current market trends, and a quality-driven delivery approach.

3. Photozone

Photozone, founded in 2010, is one of Odisha’s most popular professional photography service providers. It caters to clients both in India and abroad, specializing in practically all forms of photography.

Members enjoy providing excellent service to their consumers, including various items to match their requirements and budgets.

4. JetCloud

JetCloud is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that provides customers with on-demand, world-class hosting solutions to help them grow their businesses, reduce IT costs, and achieve new objectives.

The JetCloud platform is hosted on JetSpot Networks, one of India’s most stable networks, with gigabytes of bandwidth capacity and 99.99 percent core uptime. They can also supply an industry-leading portfolio of solutions, from bare metal to public and private clouds, for which they thank their state-of-the-art data center and a wide range of technologies.

5. Super Bike Store (SBK Store)

Soam Jena created SuperbikeStore (SBK Store) in 2014 with the express purpose of providing the most incredible possible buying experience to any enthusiast who enjoys riding. However, SBK Store was the first online store in India to cater to super biker wants and desires with their megastore, which features over 27000 products from all of the world’s most well-known brands.

Soum Jena: How come he entered into blogging?

He created his website to express his love of travel and encourage others to go out and see the globe on their own!

With this, he had spent his entire life in his office, like most others, but he had always dreamed of traveling to faraway places to film or observe how wonderful the world is. Henceforth, he’d always wanted to travel and see the world.

The primary purpose of beginning a blog was to document his travels and provide knowledge and inspiration to others who wanted to visit the same places.

For many years, he has traveled widely over the world. He has visited the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Maldives, and Indonesia thus far.

Why does he love to travel?

According to him, he has a strong desire to travel! He was continually thinking about where he wanted to travel next.

Soum Jena travels for work to spend time with my wife, generate content, see clients, and so on, to break up his 20+ hour workweek. He is currently most interested in road excursions and aerial cinematography.

Does traveling pay him well?

He engages in a variety of activities while on the road. Soum Jena interacts with a large number of clients. He has worked with thousands of clients and organizations for the past ten years, and he has clients in practically every country. However, Soum Jena: aka Odia Toka meets talks, and collaborates with others. Then he does travel films, stock assets, and stock material for agencies, which pays well because it’s something he enjoys and something I do. When it comes to his films, he works extremely hard. As a result, it makes a lot of money off its stock assets by selling single and multi-licenses.

He also creates YouTube content for a global audience and recommends items or services using affiliate links. Every time his subscribers or viewers utilize the products or services he advises in my videos, he is compensated.

Do his videos get Sponsored?

In theory, no!

He pays for all of his videos himself and does not compromise on his lodging or food. Henceforth, he prefers to stay at friendly hotels or resorts, has a beautiful time, and works in a positive environment.

Soam Jena’s Followers count

  • Youtube (227k)
  • Instagram (84.2k)
  • Twitter (12.6k)

What does Soam Jena always say to his followers?

He consistently provides everyone the same inspiration. He always says that “I enjoy inspiring and motivating others to travel, learn new things, and have amazing adventures. However, he believes that life is made up of moments. And the world is filled with priceless and one-of-a-kind experiences waiting to be discovered. Henceforth, do it now; there’s no time to waste!”

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