10 Classy And Trendy Diwali Gifts for Family to Make Diwali Extra Special

Diwali is one of the most enjoyable festivals in India. In India, Hindus, Sikhs Jains, and even Buddhists worldwide also celebrate this festival. Usually, in October or November, this festival gets celebrated, and the goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the auspicious day of Diwali. This five-day celebration brings a lot of joy and prosperity to everyone’s life. 

To celebrate Diwali, people gather with their family and near ones and express their affection through sharing gifts. People decorate their houses with candles, lamps, and another lighting to welcome their lives’ prosperity and wealth. This festival encourages the gift-giving ritual as it’s a way to convey their generosity, love, and blessings to their loved ones. Unless you are an old-school type, you surely want to get some Diwali gift ideas. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry anymore. Here, in this post, we will share 10 classy and trendy gift ideas to make this Diwali 2021 more special. 

Classy And Trendy Gifting Ideas On Diwali 2021

New clothes, diyas, sweets, crackers are mandatory parts of the Diwali festival. This time of the entire year gives us all a stressbuster break from the hectic life schedule. Getting together with family and friends for a few days makes this festival more precious. 

The entire celebration process of cleaning the house, decorating it, and sharing gifts nearby ensures the utmost joy and happiness. So, now let’s have a look at the 10 trendy Diwali gift ideas. 

1. Unique illuminators

Diwali is the festival of lights. Therefore, unique illuminators can be a classy gifting option to lighten up the lives of your near ones. Instead of the floor or table lamp, you can choose the color-changing LED mushroom night light as a gifting option. 

These unique illuminators spread their exceptional brightness, and the designs are also attractive enough. You can give the LED mushroom night light to your friends or family, and it can be placed in a garden, balconies, or patio. Surely these unique illuminators will bring a smile to the face of your near ones. 

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2. Aroma diffuser and electric humid

If you are concerned about the health of your near ones, then you surely can gift them an aroma diffuser and an electric humidifier. The extremely dry air of an indoor environment can cause several infections, fatigue, or eye irritation. Besides, with the growing level of pollution, the air quality is diminishing. You won’t want your family members or near ones to suffer from such problems. It is essential to get the proper amount of humidity in the indoor environment. 

Here, an electric humidifier can be an excellent gifting option. This device helps to improve the house’s air quality, and you can choose a model that comes with both a humidifier and aroma diffuser. Besides making the air pure, this device will make the air pleasant as well. Also, with this device, there will be different misting modes, lighting features, etc. 

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3. Silver-plated puja thali set 

This gifting option never goes out of trend. Diwali is an auspicious festival, and you can gift a silver-plated puja thali set to your near ones. This puja thali set includes a puja thali, kankavati, mini kankavati, Chandan vati, 2 spoons, a drinking glass, divi, Katori, and an agarbatti stand. 

The silver plating ensures a premium look. If your mom is devoted to God, it can be a great gift for her. Also, you can gift this puja thali set to convey your best wishes. Undoubtedly, the silver-plated puja thali set will be a traditional apt gift for this Diwali 2021. 

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4. Lord Ganesha candle holder

Candles and diyas are an essential part of this festival of lights. You can gift a Lord Ganesha candle holder to your friends and business associates. As Lord Ganesha is the symbol of good luck, it can be a promising gifting option. It can be placed on the office desk or the center table. The Lord Ganesha candle holder is a perfect gifting option for this festival. You will get it on the online and offline marketplaces.

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5. Metallic gold tealight candle holder set

On the holy festival of Diwali, people decorate their houses with gorgeous lights, candles, and diyas. Therefore, the elegant set of metallic gold tealight candles can be an excellent gifting option. There will be 3 sizes of holders with this set, and 12 scented tealight candles will be included in the set. So, the metallic gold tealight candle holder set will be an excellent gifting option for your family and friends. 

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6. Delicious cupcakes

The delicious cupcakes Diwali platter can be an excellent twist to all those typical Diwali gifts. The customized cupcake platter will surely bring so much happiness to your friends and near ones. However, we share sweets at this auspicious festival. But cupcakes can be a smart option for gifting purposes. The fluffy, delicious cupcakes will bring a smile to the face of your family members. 

You will get these Diwali-themed customized cupcakes on online baking platforms. Also, there you will get several flavors like red velvet, vanilla, etc. wishacupcake.com is an excellent website that delivers customized cupcakes in many cities. Here, you will get a huge range of options for cupcakes. 

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7. Gond set

If your family members or friends are fond of art, then the gond tray set can be a good gifting option on Diwali. It is an art form of Madhya Pradesh that is quite popular among art lovers, and the painters draw the designs on wooden trays to give a perfect artistic look. 

In this set, you will get three trays made of fiber and wood. For its amazing beauty, you may gift the gond tray set to your friends or family members. To maintain the longevity of these trays, you should clean them with a damp cloth. These trays will surely amaze the guests who value traditional sentiments. 

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8. Smart wearables

Diwali or Dhanteras is the ideal time to buy devices as, during this time, you will get great discounts. Smart wearables can be a smart gifting option for your brother, sister, cousin, or friends. As the 21st century is the era of smart wearables, a fitness watch can be a very useful gift idea. 

Not only to the young ones, but you can give to the older members too to track their health condition. Fitbit, Mi, Apple, many popular brands manufacture these smart wearables. You can choose any of these brands as per your preference and gift to your near ones. 

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9. Divine idols

Divine idols are always a good option for gifting purpose as it conveys good wishes and good luck. On the auspicious festival of Diwali, you can gift idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to wish property and good luck to your near ones. Especially for elderly relatives, divine idols will be the best gifting option. 

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10. Cookware sets

If you invite your relatives often for dinners, cookware sets can be a decent gift for this Diwali 2021. You will get good quality cast iron cookware sets that are classy in look and sturdy in structure. Also, if your mom or aunt is fond of cooking, then the cookware set will surely make them super happy. So, gift these long-lasting cookware sets and bring a sweet smile to their face. 

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Diwali is one of the grand festivals when friends and families gather together to celebrate. And, gifts are the best ways to show your love and blessings to your near ones. These 10 trendy and classy Diwali gift ideas are excellent. You can choose any of these gifts and wish good luck and prosperity to your near ones. 

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