Richa Kar: Woman Who Transformed Indian Lingerie Industry

Whereas many girls in Indian society are denied the opportunity to pursue their interests outside of school, some powerful women are battling against this situation and accomplishing their goals. Presented here is the tale of one such female entrepreneur, Richa Kar, who owns and operates the online lingerie retailer Zivame business.

Richa Kar: An insight of information

Richa Kar’s business path has not been without bumps along the way, as she has encountered opposition from her parents. Her mother was embarrassed by her decision to pursue a career in lingerie because she was worried about what other people would think if they found out about her daughter’s choice of work. On the other hand, Richa Kar’s father did not understand the idea of selling underwear online, and as a result, he did not provide any assistance. Despite this, Richa remained committed to her objective, and with her hard work and dedication, she was able to create the business Zivame, which is now worth more than Rs. 681 crore.

In 2017, Richa Kar resigned from her role as CEO of Zivame. She, on the other hand, remains on the board of directors. Continue reading to hear about Richa Kar and Zivame’s successful adventure.

Background facts and early life

Richa Kar was born on July 17, 1980, in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. A middle-class family raises her from humble beginnings. The company set up in the family was traditional, and there was no business role model to look up to.

Education and Start of Career

Richa graduated from BITS Pilani in 2002 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering. She worked as Software Analyst for i-flex solutions in 2002-2003, and then as an IT Consultant for another year (2003-2004).

Richa pursued her MBA from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, affiliated with the SKVM (NMIMS). Kar started her career as a sales representative for SAP Retail and Spencers. This is where she gained valuable first-hand knowledge and retail job experience. She spent most of her time at SAP Retail collaborating with “Limited”. It is the parent company of the world-famous women’s lingerie company Victoria’s Secret.

Her inspiration to start the Lingerie Revolution

Her close relationship with Victoria’s Secret made her realize that there is still a lot of scepticism about purchasing lingerie in India, which she decided to address. Zivame arose from an idea she had while working at another company to launch a one-of-a-kind online retailer. Kar saw that her mother was hesitant and uncomfortable discussing lingerie, which only contributed to Kar’s confidence in her choice to start this company in the first place. She chose the name “Zivame” because of its beautiful meaning – “Light of God” – and simple to pronounce. The Lingerie Revolution by Zivame has been a tremendous success story!

Richa Kar was driven to launch Zivame and did extensive research, during which she found that the availability of branded innerwear was minimal. However, she felt that since it was an internet business, there was great potential in the industry and would be incredibly accessible to women.

The obstacles and challenges

Dealing with and convincing the family was the most challenging task. Richa’s parents encouraged her to follow her business dreams, but her father was sceptical of the products she chooses. Her mother apologized for inconveniencing her daughter’s friends and relatives by exposing her daughter’s business. The answer mortified her after adding, “Meri beti bra panty bechti hai computer par.”

Motivational factor

She prioritises time management to strike a good balance between her personal and professional life. Friends, relatives, and other institutions helped her acquire money and get her business off to a good start. Because of her humility, she can share her accomplishment with everyone and attribute her success to all of her loved ones.

Raising funds for the Zivame Foundation.

She collected money from relatives and friends when she initially started. She then pitched her business idea to renowned investors, including DG Ventures, Unilazer Ventures, and Kalaari Capital. They then became investors in her e-commerce startup. Richa Kar’s vision and intelligence proved highly profitable, and her company rapidly grew in size.

With over 200 members, Zivame has evolved to become one of India’s top lingerie shops. This site offers more than 50 different lingerie companies and a bigger than usual user base. Except for the Lakshwadeep Islands, Zivame offers its services across India. Furthermore, the company has just started to deliver its products physically.

The Journey Continues.

Richa Kar thinks that lingerie is an integral part of a woman’s life. It should be treated with respect and compassion by everyone. The ability to choose from various brands adds to women’s empowerment, as they should not be ashamed about their choices. Lingerie shopping is an everyday necessity, and it is past time to stop seeing it as a cause of anxiety.

One of the most significant reasons for its success is its ability to help girls and women choose the right size – “a size that fits.” Even though the company manufactures the sizes, the majority of shops do not stock the goods. Having all sizes readily available is a fantastic idea and suggestion that Richa Kar makes and she needs to be praised.

The motive is the ultimate goal.

Everything fell for Richa Kar because she has a motive to bring a change in the world. So, I hope you all feel inspired yet motivated to pursue your objective to completion. Richa Kar rose from modest beginnings to celebrity status. But, without a doubt, she picked the less-travelled route. So, instead of embarrassing your odd choices, give your aspirations a voice.


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