The House Of Secrets Review: The autopsy of a society

Physical trauma’s psychological and social elements are getting into light due to Netflix’s “The House of Secrets.” Also, the mental health faced by a person in India, in general, has received much-needed attention. Although the three-episode skillfully and emotionally depicts the actual event. Yet, there is an entry point into the subject of mental health that is still insufficient.

This story is based on a case involving 11 family members discovered dead in their Delhi, India, houses. The oddity of this situation is never overlooked, and as has been said many times. This mini-series retells the narrative with extra graphics and information but skips over the plot’s most essential parts.

A synopsis of Burari’s death

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In the early hours of July 1, 2018, eleven bodies — two men, seven women, and two children — were discovered in the living room in Delhi’s Burari neighborhood. In Burari, India, a terrifying event in 2018 caused widespread anguish to many people. Everybody was asking the same question: “why?” The family’s lone survivor was a dog discovered tethered to the balcony rails. There were no signs of foul play at the scene of the incident. This article examines the documentary House of Secrets: the Burari Deaths’ faults, as highlighted by Ektaa Malik, a special correspondent of the Indian Express. The entire series is now available on Netflix. The story is not fictitious; it is based on an actual event that shocked India in 2018 when the Chundawat family committed mass suicide. It gathers a national attention.

Viral on social media and shocking the whole country: The videos and images that follow the gang hung from the roof, their arms and legs bound with wire, their eyes covered, their ears wrapped in cotton, their vibrant dupattas linked around their collars, and their eyes covered with wire. It was magnificent, and it had the feel of a work of detective fiction.

Several weeks after the local police moved the investigation to the Crime Branch, the story made its way to the national news. Months passed before the authorities determined why a highly educated and functioning family participated in an organized event.

The Burari case and Netflix!

According to sources, police considered various possibilities, including murder, but CCTV video revealed that nobody entered the property outside the home 24 hours before the incident. The investigation was eventually completed, but still, some unresolved problems are not identified.

Several of the phrases repeated the questions “something was wrong,” “this was strange,” and “we had never seen such a crime scene before.” The filmmaker used all three techniques to pique the audience’s attention quickly. On the other hand, we were previously introduced to the incident’s essential details.

Manifestation of both positive and negative traits of The House Of Secrets

The use of historical media footage, as well as recreated scenarios and expert testimony, added a layer of authenticity to the documentary series, giving us the sense of walking through Burari’s back alleyways. Fact and fiction were expertly blended in the documentary series, which exposed numerous conspiracy theories that were popular at the time while also providing facts and truth.

We believed for the majority of the time that Lalit, the family’s youngest child, was the one who initiated the mass suicide. On the other hand, the documentary series reveals an unexpected disclosure.

While the horrific accounts of the crime are not included in the documentary series, it attempts to expand the discussion on numerous aspects of an orderly Indian joint family by introducing new characters.

Who was behind the mass suicide?

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths' Explained | DMT

The series is well-produced, well-executed, and features compelling stories. However, if the entire document series is brief, it raises relevant questions, particularly regarding the necessary disclosure at the conclusion.

Lalit’s eleven diaries revealed that he was “possessed by the spirit” of his dead father and that the possession imparted specific treatments and rituals to family members. The spirit-inspired words were interpreted as the Word of God for the Chundawat family. Nobody would dare to call these statements into question. The family then attempted to perform a ‘badh puja‘. It is the invocation of a banyan tree, which resulted in the death of the entire family due to these laws.

The colleagues and neighbors interviewed broadly for the document series did not even know religious beliefs or the presence of spirits. The “family dynamics” between the Chundawats were completely unaware. There may be numerous parallels between Lalit’s “psychosis” and the events surrounding this unfortunate occurrence.

What about this documentary that Netflix has been so diligent in producing?

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On the surface, the question appears to be, “Why was it done?” however, it is not dealt with the actual cause, or at least not in the manner it should be. At some point, it may be demonstrated that even a psychologist recounts events without providing a professional perspective. The series stated the goal of increasing awareness of mental health. It is contradicted because it covers so little of it. Yet the whole story shows one motto of the family: “Ghar ki bahar Nhi Jani chaie.”

Thus, the documentary ignores the house’s deep patriarchy problem: seven women and four men, including the elderly ladies. Still, the religious element prevents the man from complying and legitimizing what he says. Although the man was not in his right mind due to the events, his influence over the situation was genuine. Hence, everyone believed that what he stated was the only way to live.

Netflix’s House of Secrets conceals a message.

By transforming a true story into something more dramatic. the message conveyed by Burari Deaths is missed, as was the case in the media at the time of the event. While progress is being made, the real cause is falling behind schedule.

What does the Chundawats’ commitment to preserving their public people imply? Everyone in Burari continues to keep its secrets hidden from the public. Despite three episodes, extensive research, and interviews that demonstrate the creators’ genuine interest and effort.

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